Pisces Horoscope Today: Daily predictions for July 18, '22 states, new venture

PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20) Today, your instincts are good  so rely on them. The financial front may start looking up new ventures  and plans for Pisces natives. An increase in income is also foreseen.

Socially, you will withdraw to spend more time with your partner and family members. You need to be expressive with them.

Something in your romantic sphere requires a little extra thought and  analysis right now. You can experience enhanced understanding in your  relationships with free and frank conversation.

Chances of taking possession of a house or apartment look bright. A  chance to go adventurous holiday, with your friends, may come your way  today.

Some of you may be a step closer to acquiring property, as you may get  favorable deals. Parental guidance would enable to amicably solve  property disputes.

Today, you may face some difficulties due to opponents which can prove  to be mentally exhausting. Those Pisceans looking for a scholarship or  plan to study in foreign countries may have to wait a bit to get what  they want.

Pisces Finance Today Investment in a new business,  which might appear very small to invest but a closer look would prop you  to invest. Raising capital for a commercial venture will not pose any  difficulty for Pisces natives.

Pisces Family Today It is a great time for a perfect  family vacation to an exciting destination. Young ones in the family  will be especially happy. You will be successful in conveying your point  of view to parents today.

Pisces Career Today Be very careful while recruiting  professionals today, Pisceans! Make sure you don’t hire for the sake of  hiring. Indulging in internal politics at the workplace can prove  detrimental for some on the professional front.

Pisces Health Today Pisces natives should maintain a  distance from pollution to prevent wrinkles on the face. Elderly persons  will be successful in avoiding stress and following a healthy routine.

Pisces Love Life Today Time to evaluate a love  relationship to infuse a new lease of life into it. Take some time to  travel with your spouse for romance and seduction. Partner would  appreciate your efforts to spice up romantic ties. Lucky Number: 9 Lucky Colour: Rose