NFL world reacts to Brett Favre Mississippi welfare update

Some disturbing reports surrounding former legendary NFL quarterback  Brett Favre emerged earlier this month, suggesting that Favre was  involved in an embezzlement scheme involving former Mississippi Governor  Phil Bryant.

The latest twist in that saga comes around the firing of a lawyer who  worked for a state agency trying to retrieve the money involved.

Earlier reports on this plan called it “the largest public embezzlement  scheme in state history,” and revealed that Bryant directed a woman  whose non-profit received millions in subgrants from the Mississippi Department of Human Services welfare department to give Favre $1.1 million.

A state audit in 2020 revealed that the state had misspent as much as $94 million in federal  funds that could have gone to families struggling with the COVID-19  pandemic.

There is clearly far more about this case that has yet to emerge. And it  appears that if the Mississippi Governor’s office has anything to do  with it, things may stay in the dark moving forward.

On Saturday, Richard Fausset and Rick Rojas of The New York Times reported that a lawyer working for a Mississippi state agency trying to retrieve the misused money was fired on Friday after issuing a subpoena that would have revealed details about both Bryant and Favre’s involvement in the case.

The lawyer, J. Brad Pigott, discussed his removal from the case during a phone interview with those Times reporters on Saturday. He told them he was given no reason for his dismissal, but suspects it’s over the subpoena he issued.

“I believe I was fired as a result of a pattern of orders from the  Mississippi governor’s office concerning protecting an entity, called  the University of Southern Mississippi Athletic Foundation, from any  responsibility in this matter,” said Pigott.

Those are pretty strong words. But many around the NFL world seem to  agree with Pigott, and think that his firing was certainly not a moral  decision.

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