Brush Stroke Nba Legend Lebron James Cheated On His Wife With A Madonna Look-Alike? By: Debadrita Ghosh Image Credit: Nba And Twitter

Lebron James And Savannah Brinson Had Been Dating Since 2002 When They Were In High School. They Finally Got Married In September 2013; Soon The Couple Is Going To Celebrate Their 10Th Anniversary.

However James Has Been Accused Many Times By His Fans Of Cheating On His Wife. The American Rapper And Songwriter Pusha T Composed A Song Making Fun Of James For Having An Extramarital Affair Again.

Back In October 2009 Pusha T And His Band Released A Song Named "Popular Demand." The Lyrics In The First Verse Claim That James Had Slept With A Girl Who Is Madonna Lookalike.

The Lyrics Of Pusha'S Song Go: "Hoes Linin’ Up On The Curb They Fall Like Dominoes Used To Have This White Bitch She Looked Like Madonna Though Heard That She Fuckin’ Lebron But Shit......"

It Continues: "I Don’T Know Like That Bron-Bron? I Had That Long Time Ago Butt-Naked On The Balcony At The Dallino I Mean The Delano I Mean Pharrell’Ll Know.”

The Lyrics Indirectly Denote That James Probably Has A Sexual Relationship With The 64-Year-Old "Queen Of Pop" Madonna Or Someone Who Resembles Her.

The Lyrics Of The Song Led To Several Controversies Among Fans. It Also Left People In Confusion About Whether It Was True As The Lyrics Also Said That James First Had The Girl On A Hotel Or Resort Balcony In Las Vegas.

However There Is No Proper Evidence Of The Authenticity Of The Rumor. James Also Never Said Anything About Such Accusations Against Him.

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