May you never suffer in your life from nothing! May all your sufferings die! Wishing happy Christmas my love and much love too!

May you have your dream home as you have always desired! We live  together in it weaving the world of our dreams. Happy Christmas my  cutest girlfriend!

I wish you win at every point of your life. The effort you put into  may bring spark in your life. Happy Christmas my beautiful girlfriend!

May you lack nothing in life! May you have all what you desire! Wishing happy Christmas my lovely girlfriend!

May no negative vibes touch you! May no evil too! Wherever you go you  tread your path with courage and determination. Wishing happy Christmas  my girl!

May you always be with smile on your face! Because you look good when  you smile and I only like you this way. Wishing happy Christmas my  love!

For me you are my life and breath. Hence May you always get protected! Wishing happy Christmas my girl!

The last year’s Christmas celebration makes me realize that you are  the one to whom I want to devote my entire life and love till there is a  single ounce of blood in my body. Thank you for holding my hands and  never leaving them. Merry Christmas, girlfriend!