Dear husband, my love for you is more like is like a limitless universe. It will never end. Merry Christmas, my lovely husband!

I wish a very happy Christmas to the best husband in the world. With you, every day seems like a Christmas celebration!

My dear dashing board, you are the best Christmas gift a wife could  ever ask for. I want to spend the spine-chilling Christmas celebration  in your love’s warmth!

Hey husband, big thank you for taking all the stress of Christmas  celebration from my shoulders. You truly are a darling. Merry Christmas  moon pie!

What’s better than celebrating the auspicious occasion of Christmas  with the most beautiful woman on the planet? Merry Christmas, my wife!

If I had the option to tear up my heart, I could show you how much I  love you. Thanks for making my Christmas utterly blissful honey!

Hey darling wife! My love for you is as bright as sunshine and as  soothing as the first snowfall of the winter. Bringing heaps of  Christmas gifts for you along with my love!

Though we will not be celebrating the Christmas festival together, I  just want to tell you that you are always in my mind, body, and soul.  Merry Christmas sweetheart!