Libra Horoscope Today: Daily predictions for July 16, '22 states, to stay fit

LIBRA (Sep 24-Oct 23) You love to spend time with people. Being extrovert, others also enjoy chatting with you.

You are popular and can navigate gracefully through any social gathering.

You are an excellent party guest as you are able to indulge in interesting and entertaining conversation.

However, you do not like large crowds. Small groups are what you enjoy. You never like to be alone.

You are a fabulous friend and a romantic partner. In case of any dilemma, you know how to find a middle way.

A bit diplomatic, you are able to sail through whatever the situation is. You are artistic and have an inclination for music.

You can’t be rude to anyone and also can’t tolerate others to be  impolite to you. You believe in logic and do things only if you are  convinced.

Libra Finance Today You may think of making fresh  investments and these will definitely give you good returns in future.  Financial situation will improve. You will be able to clear old debt if  any.

Libra Family Today You will have the best of family  time. Your family may plan a day out on a resort or road trip or  something similar. You will spend the entire day laughing, giggling,  dancing and eating.

Libra Career Today There will no fresh assignments for  you. However, routine work will be in full swing. Manage your time well  and finish the tasks given to you on time.

Libra Health Today You may be troubled by thigh or leg  pain. This may be due to exertion or wrong diet. Try to keep yourself  fit by exercising. It is also recommended that you start having  supplements.

Libra Love Life Today This is a perfect day for  matters of heart. You will be very positive and will express your  feelings towards your lover. You may have lunch with your partner or may  plan shopping. Your partner will be pleased and happy. Lucky Number: 5 Lucky Colour: Sea Green