Libra Horoscope Today: Daily predictions for July 15, '22 states, opportunities

Libra (Sep24-Oct 23) Patience and helpfulness will be your watchwords today.

You will find yourself to be the center of attention today as all your  friends, family and co-workers will want to be around you.

You will feel quite energetic today and this will be reflected in everything you pursue.

Many opportunities await you today and it’s up to you to decide how to deal with them.

Your diligence and trust-worthiness will be noticed by many and you will be handed certain responsibilities.

Today is the most opportune time to execute and pursue any plans you might have made in the past.

Libra Finance Today Investments that you had previously  made are quite secure although don’t expect any major rewards anytime  soon. Any new investment ideas can be reviewed but don’t make any  decision till you have planned out your expenditure.

Libra Family Today Despite being quite engaged with other things today, you will find a fair bit of time to connect with family.

Libra Career Today Many opportunities and prospects are  there for the taking today. You will get some recognition for your  contributions to your firm. Your ability to connect with people will  make you the center of attention.

Libra Health Today You might find some positive news  about existing medical conditions. Your positivity today will keep in  good health and prompt you to eat healthy if weren’t already doing so.

Libra Love Life Today Your commitment to those around  you and your need for them makes your search for the ideal partner quite  a tedious one. You are bound to find someone equally committed soon. Lucky Number: 8 Lucky Colour: White