LEO (Jul 23-Aug 23) Do not get influenced by others. Trust your intuition and the feelings of heart.

If you succeed, excellent results are expected. One of the hallmarks of a  happy family is that the entire family accepts each other for who they  are as individuals.

As a Leo, this aspect will be taken care of by you. You will also enjoy  the admiration of colleagues for their high opinion on your work ethic.

Be careful, follow the speed limit when driving. Make sure your seat  belts are worn because you want to make sure that the minor accidents  that occur today are minor.

Giving yourself time to pursue new activities may be the best option for you right now.

Leo Finance Today Your sincere efforts will help you  easily withstand great financial pressures. You have to be innovative in  your investment and try new ideas and plans.

Leo Family Today Involve children in the family decision-making process, they will feel more included in the family as a whole.

Leo Career Today You will find that your business is  growing well. This is due to your own sustained efforts and may be due  to taking on additional part-time work outside of your regular customer.

Leo Health Today It's easy to catch a cough or a cold,  so be careful not to get sick. Wash your hands regularly. Resting now  will greatly help prevent an imminent illness. Be careful when driving.

Leo Love Life Today If you have recently separated from  your partner and feel lonely, you should think twice about starting a  new romantic relationship. Lucky Number: 17 Lucky Colour: Lavender