The most recognized birthstone for July is the ruby, a rich red gemstone that has been around since the dawn of time.

Researchers often affiliate the existence of rubies with the collision  of continents that occurred more than 50 million years ago.

These precious stones are found in royal crowns, ornate necklaces, ornamental armor, and many forms of modern-day jewelry.

As with all birthstones, July's birthstones are associated with the zodiac signs for this month: Cancer and Leo.

Cancer birthdays take up the majority of the month, but a Leo born in July can also claim the ruby or one of the alternate July birthstones as their own (Sapphire, Onyx, Carnelian, and Turquoise).

Rubies are often associated with wealth and prosperity.

Many ancient crowns were decorated with rubies, because they represented good fortune and courage.

Long ago, humans believed that rubies contained drops of Mother Earth's blood.

The stones were highly sought-after because they were thought to hold the key to life itself.

Some legends say that sapphires would turn into rubies if they were left in the ground long enough.

Others say that rubies were used to tell if misfortune was to come. (The  stones would turn a dark red color before an instance of bad luck,  giving the user time to prepare for what was to come.)