The July birth flowers are the larkspur (delphinium) and the water lily.

Flowers of happiness and intrigue, they are the birth flowers for July.

The larkspurs are the July birth flower. Delphinium is the genus of the  species Larkspurs, and the names used to be taken interchangeably.

Larkspurs are known as protective plants as they can repel poisonous snakes and cure stings of the scorpion.

the larkspur flower symbolizes a strong bond of love, joy, romance, and positivity.

The water lily – Meaning & Symbolism The second recognized birthday flower for July is Water Lily.

Like larkspurs, water lily flowers are notable in many cultures.

The flowers signify rebirth and renewal. Since the blossoms emerge from the mud, they are also a symbol of enlightenment.

In some countries, water lilies also mean purity, beauty, and creation.