Huge Earthquake Strikes Southern Syria And Turkey

More Than 3000 People Have Died In Earthquakes

More Than 3400 People Were Killed And Thousands More Were Injured When A Powerful Earthquake Hit Turkey And Northern Syria Early Monday

The Us Geological Survey Says There Was A 78 Magnitude Earthquake In Turkey

Many People Have Died In An Earthquake In Southern Turkey And Syria

The Ap Reports That At Least 2316 People Were Killed And More Than 13000 Were Injured In Turkey

According To The Ap At Least 1106 People Have Died In Syria

According To The Us Geological Survey At Least 55 Earthquakes Of Magnitude 43 Or Greater Have Struck Near Turkeys Syrian Border In The Past 24 Hours

The Usgs Says That At Least 15 Of The Earthquakes Have Been Greater Than 60

The 78 Magnitude Earthquake That Hit At 417 Am Local Time Was The Largest