You have enormous strength and this is the reason we have enormous  success. It is all because of you. Wishing Happy Thanksgiving to all our  employees.

You all are not our employees while family members. We care for you  and promise to keep you long with us. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your  families!

We thank you for your timeless contribution that you dedicate our  nights and days for us making this business progressed. Happy  Thanksgiving!

Each single employee of this company is the important cog in the  growth of business machinery. You are the small cog but with so much  importance. Happy Thanksgiving!

Business is not the tree of single trunk while it is made of  uncounted branches. We thank our employees who are family and for  associating with us since the inception. Happy Thanksgiving!

You guys are the reason behind our company’s massive success and  positive brand image. We can’t thank you enough in words that’s why we  have arranged the biggest thanksgiving party in the town for our staff.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Tis the season of gratitude and holiness. We want to thank all our  amazing employees for being so relentless in your work approach and  giving services to customers. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving to the hardest working and the most generous  employees I have ever known. More than my vision, this organization has  grown by leaps and bounds because of your blood, sweat, and  relentlessness.