May such martyrdom come to all countrymen as like to those came who  fought for our country freedom. Happy Independence day to all!

May you always see the morning sun not caged and enjoy your independence always. Happy Independence day July 4th!

May morning glory always shine on you and you never see the dark.

May you always have the open doors through which you can come when you want to and go when you want to.

May our country and country people never get slaved to anyone or anything. Happy 4th of July!

May our country always get ruled by noblemen of our people. It may forever flourish and get rich!

May our country flag always flow proudly with wind and never come down.

Let the universe hear and we all wish that we always remain independent destroying the shackles of all that want to rule us.

We wish that people of United States always be altogether and committed towards their country in time of need. Happy July 4th!