On May 25th, Google frequently implements core updates and changes to continually improve search results for users and have noticeable changes to how sites perform.

The previous core updates were in November 2021.

The updates will take up to two weeks to roll out and will target all types of content in order to promote and reward high-quality web pages.

However, there have been many complaints regarding the core updates for marketers and businesses, with many stating that rankings and traffic continue to drop, and also reporting that page visibility on search engine results pages don’t make sense.

However, Google has previously offered its advice for those struggling with the implementation of these core updates, which you can find here.

Speaking of Google’s core updates and how this affects digital marketing services, James McGarrie at The Brains, says:

“The latest Google core update highlights instability in some website’s performance, but through regular analysis and monitoring, we are able to mitigate the impact in rankings and recoup losses.

What we have found with previous updates is that the dust will settle in a few weeks.

Nevertheless, there is still an importance in assessing areas of websites affected and making relevant changes to restore losses.” – James McGarrie, SEO Strategist, The Brains

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