Gemini Horoscope Today: Daily predictions for July 15, '22 states, career issues

Gemini(May 21-June21) This will be a confusing and mentally demanding day for you filled with many ups and downs.

On several fronts you will experience extreme highs and in others extreme lows.

Many new deals and opportunities can come your way and today is a great day for new starts.

Although treading with caution will help you in the long run. Your  enthusiasm and spirit will be your allies today and it would also help  to seek out the advice of like-minded people.

No matter what issues you might face today, you will find a positive  approach towards everything. You could also find unlikely allies in your  various pursuits.

Gemini Finance Today Existing financial investments  will continue to prosper with moderate developments. It would be  advisable to refrain from any new investment opportunities.

Gemini Family Today This is an excellent day for family  bonding. You’ll find bliss while being among relatives. Estranged  relatives could also try to reach out to you.

Gemini Career Today Issues may continue to persist in  the workplace. It would be wise to go against your nature of being  overtly friendly and try to keep a low profile.

Gemini Health Today Your health favours you today. You  may have an inner-craving to change your diet. Starting a workout  regimen could also become part of your plan on investing in your health.

Gemini Love Life Today Existing romances will continue fairly well. For those that are single there are chances of meeting someone. Lucky Number: 2 Lucky Colour: Light Grey