GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21) Acquiring assets may incur some losses if done in a haste. Check all the alternatives before proceeding.

The lawn on the other side is not always green, so step carefully. After  a thorough analysis of your options, make informed decisions.

This is applicable in all matters, personal, professional or financial. You are doing the best job today.

Everything seems to give great results. Show your best self. That way, none of those worshipers have any reason to doubt you.

Take the time to really concentrate on your breathing and focus on yourself. The pain is healed and you feel better.

Always remember that maintaining balance and harmony is essential to a healthy relationship, so keep trying to achieve it.

Gemini Finance Today Today you may be considering  investing in real estate as a long-term investment. This option may not  be the gateway to the long-term security you are looking for, so don't  pursue it as of now.

Gemini Family Today If you are in a difficult situation  with your family members, the stars advise you to be very careful.  Don’t judge anybody as good or bad in the first appearance.

Gemini Career Today Your colleagues may be amazed at  your achievements and can be a little jealous too. It turns out that the  presentations you have given to your colleagues and clients work very  well and impress your boss.

Gemini Health Today Today you may want to learn the art  of meditation, or at least some deep breathing and calming techniques.  These helps calm your mind as it's been a little distracting lately.

Gemini Love Life Today You can spend a lot of time with  your lover today as a result of the work you have done recently about  your relationship, and you may find that you cherish this time together. Lucky Number: 9 Lucky Colour: Rosy Brown