Health experts: Fall school semester could amplify spread of monkeypox

With  cases of monkeypox on the rise across the country and here in the  tri-state area, health experts say college students set to return in the  fall need to proceed with caution.

On  Wednesday, Dr. Delana Wardlaw with the Temple Health System said  monkeypox could very well be a factor come this fall semester.

"Anything  is possible. We just have to make sure that we're using policies and  procedures to reduce the transmission," said Dr. Wardlaw.

She wants students to understand how the virus spreads, which can certainly happen when people are together in close quarters.

"First,  you want to make sure you're not sharing any personal items," said  Wardlaw. "Two, you want to make sure you're not sharing any bedding or  anything like that or towels or anything of personal nature.

Three, you want to be aware it's contracted through close contact, skin-to-skin contact."

"The  prolonged contact is what's driving this, the skin-to-skin contact. If  people are showing signs or symptoms, they need to be responsible," said  Wardlaw.

"It  still hurts, like some of the bumps hurt, itches. My lymph nodes, my  throat was swollen and my body was aching," said Jackson.

Here is a breakdown of cases as of August 1, according to the CDC:Philadelphia: 82 casesPennsylvania: 170 casesNew Jersey: 155 casesDelaware: 5 cases

Meanwhile, the monkeypox vaccine has been rolling out to various locations around the country.

But the director of the Chester County Health Department says they only have enough vaccines for those who've had close contact.

Wardlaw  made it a point to stress one of the other most effective methods in  preventing the spread of this virus is to wash your hands.