Each sun sign has its own colour, defining its personality: Check what's yours

Aries: Being a fire sign and related with the planet  Mars, their predominant colour is red. Most red objects have a  brilliant, blazing hue that represents the power and vitality of persons  born under this sign.

Taurus: Venus, the planet of love and femininity, rules  this sign. It's common to relate pink with female love, as well as with  a childish wonder, innocence, and early feelings for a new  relationship.

Gemini: Due to Gemini's airy and dual character and its  connection to the planet Mercury, Light yellow is an auspicious colour  that can bring them luck and success. The colour yellow evokes an  exhilarating sense of discovery and progress.

Cancer: Silver is the zodiac colour for the sign of the  Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. Wealth and prosperity are commonly  equated with the use of silver.

Leo: In this sign, the sun is both ruler and  influencer. Associated with golden hues, the heart and upper back are  under the auspices of this astrological sign.

Virgo: As a symbol of the earth and of mother nature,  the colour green is often associated with them. Generosity, abundance,  good fortune, and rebirth are all associated with this colour.

Libra: The airy and sprightly planet Venus rules this  airy and agile zodiac sign. Light blue is thought to be a lucky colour  for Libras. The colour blue is associated with tranquilly,  trustworthiness, and a sense of calm.

Scorpio: Mars is the planet that rules Scorpio. Black  is a colour that works well for this sign. It is a refined, beautiful  colour that enhances any occasion and lends an air of enigmatic luxury.

Sagittarius: Purple is the best colour for this fiery  sign of Sagittarius, whose ruling planet is Jupiter. Purple is a colour  associated with royalty, as well as knowledge and mystery.

Capricorn: It is a moveable sign and Saturn is its  ruling planet. The lucky colour for this sign is dark brown. Brown has a  long history of representing power, knowledge, and the capacity to  stand the test of time.

Aquarius: Saturn is the ruler of this breezy sign. Light blue is considered to be an auspicious colour for Aquarians.

Pisces: It is a dual natured, water sign with the lucky  colour of sea green, and Jupiter rules it. It reminds one of the  endless energy and ever-changing wave energy.