CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21) Please read the fine print carefully before trading today as you will see some small errors.

Evaluate the paper thoroughly, with particular care to prevent slipping.

Time to accept your role in family problems. This isn’t about blaming yourself or them; it’s about knowing where your responsibility begins and ends.

Your concentration and commitment are the keys to your professional success.

Therefore, stay confident and take bold and timely actions to succeed.  Today is the day to get rid of bad and unhealthy habits from your  lifestyle.

If you smoke, today is probably the day you decide to quit. Your love  will beat your bad mood in case of any confrontation with your love  partner.

Sharing words and feelings can bring laughter and happiness into your day.

Capricorn Finance Today You are currently doing a  slightly higher risk real estate transaction on real estate or land and  you need to be aware of the risks involved.

Capricorn Family Today There are no easy solutions, no  quick tips for dealing with family problems when multiple people are  involved in contending issue.

Capricorn Career Today Challenge yourself at work to  establish yourself as a leader. The tendency to neglect your work can  increase your workload and mental pressure.

Capricorn Health Today You should be focusing on a  healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Since health is everything today,  the prospect of taking yoga classes several times a week comes to mind.

Capricorn Love Life Today Try to confront your partner  today to discuss problems but avoid the urge to be aggressive. These  impulses only increase the tension in your relationship.