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ARIES(Mar 21-Apr 20) With sheer willpower, courage and confidence, Aries natives will be able to overcome all obstacles with ease today.

An important meeting may set the foundation for something new and big coming your way on the professional front.

To reverse sagging business fortunes, you will have to take some  calculated risks to tackle the situation. It is a day for the renewal of  bonds and family ties.

You may enjoy a pleasant time in the company of your family members.  Troubled time is foreseen for married and romantically-inclined Aries.

Watch your words and avoid losing your cool. Undertaking long journeys may provide you with monetary gains and benefits today.

Prepare adequately. You may face some problems in your love life by  dictating your terms. Remain amicable and understanding to save the  bond.

Value the property at the right price to attract buyers for it.

Students involved in research work or scientific activities could  experience a good stroke of luck and succeed in their endeavours.

Aries Finance Today Today, you will be full of  positivity toward your future financial prospects which appear to be  bright. Businesspeople will be able to strike a profitable deal and take  their enterprise to new heights.

Aries Family Today Aries parents should make an effort  to understand their children so that they can be properly guided. You  may remain much-sought-after on the domestic front.

Aries Career Today Today, you will be filled with  confidence and self-belief which will enable you to proficiently pace  your work. You will feel elated when your colleague achieves his or her  goals with your guidance today.

Aries Health Today On a personal note, proper care will  help Aries recover from any disease. Adhere to the precautions and  instructions of your doctor.

Aries Love Life Today Today, you might have to face hurdles in your romantic life if you have an unstable relationship with your partner. Lucky Number: 18 Lucky Colour: Coffee