Are Prebiotic Sodas Good for Your Health?

Are Prebiotic Sodas Good for Your Health?

Once upon a time, the cola wars were just Coke versus Pepsi. These days,  though, store coolers are crammed with cans all claiming to be a  healthy answer to your soda craving.

Some of the newer offerings are prebiotic sodas, so-called "functional"  beverages that combine carbonation with plant-based carbohydrates that  have been linked to gut health and increased immunity, among other  benefits.

What Exactly Are Prebiotic Sodas?

“As public attention to the importance of a healthy gut continues to  grow, companies have also begun to fortify prebiotics into various  beverages, breakfast cereals, or snack foods,”

What Are the Nutrition Facts of Prebiotic Sodas?

While the nutrition facts of prebiotic drinks vary from brand to brand,  most are significantly lower in calories and sugar than traditional  soda, though they also tend to contain sugar substitutes like stevia.

What to Know About Prebiotic Sodas and Health

Of course, the main draw of prebiotic sodas is the idea that they promote gut health. So, do they?

The Pros and Cons of Prebiotic Sodas

Prebiotics, even in drinks, are generally well tolerated and cause very few adverse side effects in most people

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