15 Spirited 4th of July Messages

When you get caught by any enemy, don’t beg for mercy. Americans never do. It is better to die than to get slaved by enemies.

You young American boys always remain dedicated and committed to your motherland. Because it is what it is- our identity.

We always have to rise and we will always rise. Glorious 4th July!

Carve this day 4th of July on your heart. Because it is the day only when we really were born.

You never surrender. America never surrenders to anyone. Great American independence day!

As you care for your family, you all always care for America for its prosperity, peace and protection.

Foremost your duty is towards your motherland and then towards your girlfriend. Happy American independence day!

More than strength, you must have ever fading will to sacrifice your life for your country.

Hold your head highs, walk proudly under the shelter of great American flag. Happy 4th of July!

I am American, was American and always will be American in every birth. Happy independence day!