10 Ways to Stay Active During the Winter Months

10. Meditation:

Calm, focus, stress relief, mindfulness

9. Indoor Gardening:

Greenery, nurturing, therapeutic, connection with nature

8. DIY Spa Day:

Relaxation, pampering, self-care, rejuvenation

7. Healthy Cooking:

Nutritious, flavorful, experimentation, culinary skills

6. Art Therapy:

Creative outlet, expression, relaxation, mindfulness

5. Journaling:

Reflection, introspection, emotional release, gratitude

4. Reading:

Escapism, knowledge, relaxation, imagination

3. Board Games:

Social, laughter, strategy, bonding

2. Virtual Classes:

Learning, community, skill-building, convenience

1. Family Time:

Connection, bonding, laughter, quality moments

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