10 Things You Should Know About Heartthrob Kang Tae Oh

Make way for Kang Tae Oh, the man of the hour who is stealing hearts for his role as Lee Joon Ho in ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

He has been making fans weak in the knees with his kindness, gentle heart, and pure love for Woo Young Woo.

Curious to know more about this heartthrob star? Keep reading to find out!

1. He was part of an actor idol group called 5urprise

2. His MBTI is INFP

In a recent interview with Singles Korea, Kang Tae Oh revealed that his  MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) tends to switch depending on when he  takes the test.

3. His dating history

Kang Tae Oh has revealed that most of his ex-girlfriends have been older  than him; with the exception of one, they have all been older.

4. He loves fruit

Kang Tae Oh has mentioned in an interview that he loves fruit and that it is always in his fridge.

5. He prefers sleep over eating

Kang Tae Oh says that whenever he is filming, he gets really tired and  hungry on set. Usually, when this happens, his first instinct is to  sleep instead of eat, which shows that he values his sleep more.

6. Kim Yoon Hwan

Kang Tae Oh was born on June 20, 1994 with the name Kim Yoon Hwan, but he goes by the stage name Kang Tae Oh as an actor.

7. “The Tale of Nokdu” was his first historical series

Kang Tae Oh said it was his first time in a villain role but that he feels sympathy for the character.

8. He used to be an attention seeker

When Kang Tae Oh was in elementary school, he used to talk a lot as he was an attention seeker.

9. Kang Tae Oh knows Jeet Kune Do

Kang Tae Oh is known to be very sporty and athletic. He enjoys using his  body for various activities and has even learned Jeet Kune Do.

10. He became very popular in Vietnam first

Kang Tae Oh starred in a Korean-Vietnamese series titled “Forever Young” that gained a lot of popularity in Vietnam.