Woman shot, killed near college campus Walmart

The shooting death of an Indiana lady on Sunday has been deemed a targeted crime by the Lafayette Police Department (LPD). The shooting death of 33-year-old Casey Lewis occurred five

miles west of Purdue University, near a Walmart.
Law enforcement officials in L.A. informed WISH-TV that the culprit is still at large.

A Hispanic guy wearing a white cap, khaki shorts, and a red/orange T-shirt has been identified as the suspect.

According to the Purdue University student publication, the Purdue Exponent, Lewis, of Remington, was in Lafayette for reasons that are unclear. About 30 kilometres 

to the northwest of Lafayette is where you'll find Remington.
The Los Angeles Police Department has issued a public plea for assistance in identifying and tracking down a wanted criminal

According to AreaVibes, a crime analytics platform, Lafayette received a failing grade. The website claims that overall crime in Lafayette is 55% higher than the US average

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