Woman Expelled From Alaska Airlines Flight for Unsuitable Outfit

A video of a lady getting ejected from an Alaska Airlines aircraft for sporting a 'inappropriate' crop top has gone viral online.

Fat Trophy Wife performer Ray Lin Howard said that an Alaska Airlines employee was kicked off a trip due of her attire, which was deemed inappropriate for air travel.

Her attire, according to Alaska officials, was overly exposed. The event, which took place in August 2021, was just just redistributed on TikTok. 

Ms. Howard recorded her conversation with the officers who led her off the plane because she was dressed improperly.

The female passenger claims in the video that she was requested to put on her t-shirt during a trip last year when she was wearing a sports bra and black leggings.

The flight attendant returned and warned her, "You can't wear this, your stomach is showing, and it is unacceptable," as she attempted to put on a high-necked pink crop top.

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