Why NYC is suing Starbucks

Starbucks has made headlines recently for good and bad reasons. News outlets have covered the comeback of fan-favorite beverages like Starbucks' PSL. The coffee firm has been 

making news for more serious events, including a walkout at one of its outlets last month when a union leader was reportedly dismissed.

According to CNBC, the National Labor Relations Board accused Starbucks of breaching the NLRA in May.

Starbucks workers everywhere are trying to unionise, and Starbucks is accused of retaliating against unionised outlets

Starbucks promises to "fight against the alleged infringement" of the Fair Workweek legislation, and says Locke was dismissed for not completing out a daily COVID symptom report

Locke was a union organiser, he claims. "Union retribution," he said. Starbucks has a history of wrongful firings and union harassment.

Starbucks overhauls its beverage production

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