Why I'd quit Netflix and HBO Max in September

We terminate streaming services to save money each month. I discontinued Netflix this year and subsequently rejoined. 'Churn' helps our bottom lines (the services hate it, as you might expect).

It's hard to feel committed to Disney Plus and Hulu when they're raising prices this autumn. Your priority is probably not missing fresh episodes of your favourite programmes or a new favourites.

We look at the finest streaming services in September 2022 and propose which ones to eliminate.

We lay down what's new on Netflix, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus, Hulu, and Disney Plus. We won't mention what they already have since we can't estimate what you've seen.

Apple TV Plus offers premium entertainment for $4.99/£4.99/AU$7.99 per month. Yes, it's the same price as Peacock and Paramount Plus, but Apple's originals are superior.

Life by Ella (Sept. 2) is a young-adult comedy sitcom about Ella (Lily Brooks), a 13-year-old cancer survivor. Even if I wasn't interested previously, the trailer below has appeal.

Tom Cruises best film will soon be available on Netflix

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