Rory McIlroy tosses a fan's remote-controlled ball into the sea.

President Joe Biden spoke about the existential threat presented by MAGA Republicans in a powerful address Thursday night in Philadelphia during prime time. 

 However, a few political analysts picked up on something peculiar: two Marines surrounding him as he talked in the background.

According to CNN's Jeff Zeleny, the Marines, along with a nearby Marine band that played as Biden entered the stage, signalled "a departure with White House customs.

" Many detractors refuted that assertion by pointing out how other prior presidents have exploited the presence of military as part of their backdrop during significant addresses. 

And of course, during a now-famous photo opportunity, Donald Trump invoked the military imagery of Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,

by suggesting that troops should be sent into the streets to quell anti-racist demonstrations.

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