Why are hummingbirds rude? Probe

Every spring, I put a nectar feeder in my backyard and wait for a hummingbird. Two. I dream about hummingbirds chugging sweet syrup as they do my seed-filled feeder.

Greig conducts the Cornell Lab's Project FeederWatch, a November-to-April bird census. In this software, participants may monitor avian jerkiness. But you get the idea.

Greig: "We could measure fiercest birds." For their size, rufous hummingbirds are the most violent.
She compared them to blue jays and crows.

Greig explained why they won't back down. Hummingbirds eat on blooms with little amounts of nectar. Greig: "They must keep visiting them." "They've evolved to protect food-rich flower areas."

A nectar feeder is "like a gigantic, never-ending flower" to hummingbirds. They don't realise it's endless, so they eliminate competitors. Protect scarce resources at all costs.

I still feel delighted when I see a hummingbird, even if they won't relax at my feeder. Nature's drones, zipping up and down, back and forth, hovering, then rocketing.

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