Why airline tickets will be expensive again

People have enjoyed local and international travel since the epidemic ended. 60% of Americans will go abroad this year. International travel is 22% more costly than in 2019, 

and Christmas tickets are a third more pricey. Passengers will be disappointed to find that travel will grow more expensive than usual, particularly around the holidays

Since travel resumed following the epidemic, several difficulties have contributed to the high expense of travelling to that desired spot.

Since the outbreak, demand for aeroplane tickets has skyrocketed. Strong demand and carriers' 15% lower capacity than in 2019 imply fewer flights are available.

If you think COVID-19, Brexit, and the Ukraine war make fueling your car expensive, try filling a plane. Increasing aeroplane expenses and inflation drive up ticket prices.

Before the epidemic, business travellers made 75% of all revenues. The corporate travel market hasn't recovered following COVID-19, affecting airline profit margins.

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