Washington Nationals retaliate after adult grabs girls baseball

The Washington Nationals cheered a 10-year-old girl whose moment of triumph was delayed by an angry fan.

Gina Hillard tweeted on Sept. 1 a video of the Aug. 30 game at Washington, D.C.'s Nationals Park. "Grown guy takes baseball from small kid. Can you get Joey Meneses to sign a ball for my daughter?"

Hillard videotaped her daughter Avery wearing a baseball mitt during warm-up practise. A supporter caught the ball then.
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Avery's squad was invited to the Washington Nationals' Youth Champions Day game to celebrate young players.

The Washington Nationals acknowledged young teams on the field before the game, a spokeswoman said. Hillard was "shocked" by the man's actions and told TODAY Parents, 

"I wanted to protect her but didn't want it to escalate."
The man's statement perplexed and saddened Avery and her teammates.

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