Video May Show Why Cam Akers Didn't Play Much vs. Bills

Los Angeles Rams running back Cam Akers played just 12 snaps on Thursday night against the Buffalo Bills, leading to speculation about his role on this year's team.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, head coach Sean McVay addressed Akers' situation. 

McVay said that Akers needs to "maximize his opportunities when he gets them." He also revealed that he wants to see more urgency from the third-year running back. 

"No matter who you're talking about, you want to see guys do the little things the right way, compete with and without the ball," McVay said, via ESPN.

"There were some instances where there were some positive things and some things that he can do better,

but we want to see just an increased level of urgency and accountability snap in and snap out from him."

A video that's going viral on Twitter should provide clarity as to why McVay wants to see more urgency from Akers. 

It appears Akers wasn't very interested in being a blocker on Thursday night. 

Akers has the potential to be the No. 1 running back for the Rams. However, he'll need to check off all the boxes. 

The Rams will take on the Atlanta Falcons in Week 2. It'll be interesting to see how many snaps Akers receives in that game.