US finds Chinese components in all F-35s bought after programme closure

Despite the fact that it is against U.S. law and the Pentagon's own requirements, a Chinese-made component has been found in the more than 800 F-35 jets that the U.S. has acquired in recent years.

Washington verified that the component in question, a magnet in an electrical gadget made by Honeywell International, 

had been in use since 2003 after suspending the programme on Wednesday seeking additional clarity.

According to a spokesperson, Russell Goemaere, reported by Bloomberg news agency, the programme, which calls for the delivery of up to 3,300 aircraft,

 is now necessary to get particular approval against sanctions from the Defense Department. He remarked, "I hope it can be settled quickly.

A replacement for the magnets on already delivered aircraft is not currently being considered by those in charge of the plan

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