Trump’s Fourth Amendment Defense Torn Apart by Lawyers

Donald Trump took to Truth Social late Friday to report that he plans to record a "significant movement" on Fourth Amendment grounds, coming from the FBI completing a court order on his Florida home.

However, his contention that his Fourth Amendment privileges had been abused left legal advisors on Twitter chuckling.

Steve Vladeck expressed "Hold on until he figures out that SCOTUS has made it essentially difficult to sue government cops for even deplorable infringement of the Fourth Amendment,"

UC Berkeley regulation teacher Orin Kerr kidded: "Snatches popcorn," while underlining Trump summoning the Fourth Amendment in his Truth message.

"Probably, he implies a movement to smother proof, which individuals record once charged (yet not previously), and he'll clearly lose," previous U.S. Lawyer Harry Litman said.

The curious lawful case comes as those around the previous president have let The Daily Beast know that he stresses most over being offered awful guidance.

"At the present time, I think he is for the most part worried about terrible guidance," a Trump counselor told The Daily Beast recently. "That is the reason he's expanding his lawful group."

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