Troubling Scott Frost Story Goes Viral: Football World Reacts

The win-loss record was probably enough for any athletic director to fire former Nebraska head coach Scott Frost.

But some pretty stunning revelations suggest that there were far more problems behind the scenes than anyone realized.

Nebraska insider Mike'l Severe pointed out that Nebraska athletic director Trev Alberts can't talk to the press about everything that was a problem during Frost's tenure - but he can.

Severe began listing off a litany of issues that Frost had as head coach of the team.

Those issues included Frost frequently being late for practice and not making necessary phone calls to recruits.

Perhaps the most glaring issue was assistant head coaches going to Alberts with their problems because they couldn't address any issues with Frost.

For some fans, the allegations Severe made were suspicious and have led them to believe that they couldn't be true.

Others who have followed Frost since his hiring have pointed out that those allegations have been out in the open for years:

All of those things that Mike'l Savage listed off were bad. But at the same time, just about all of them could have been forgiven if Nebraska was winning nine or more games instead of five or fewer

The sad truth of the matter is that people wanted Frost to succeed and probably dismissed a lot of his negatives in order to help him achieve great things. 

But the end result was year after year of losing, culminating in Saturday's stunning loss to Georgia Southern. 

Frost will be lucky to get another Power Five head coaching job ever again if any of these allegations against him are proven demonstrably true.