Top Gun: Maverick's Tom Cruise's Salary Is Even Ridiculously High Than We All Thought

Tom Cruise's Film RevenuePlease notice that we're going to separate the Mission Impossible films into their own category because Tom Cruise's profits on them are really insane. 

Credit for this extremely wacky information goes to Celebrity Net Worth.Perilous Business (1983)

$75,000 (Note: Because this was Tom's breakthrough role, his pay was below average for an A-lister.)Legend (1985)$500,000Best Guns (1986)$1.25 billion

Cocktail (1988)3.0 millionThunder Days (1990)$9.00 millionA long far off (1992)$33 millionSeveral Good Men (1992)12.2 million

a company (1993)12.2 millionInterrogation of the Vampire (1994)$15.00 millionHis lifetime earnings from 1983 to 2019?That amounts to an estimated $745 million. 

Additionally, according to CinemaBlend, he receives $7,091 for each conversation phrase. It's understandable why Forbes classified him as one of the world's wealthiest actors.

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