Tom Cruise's best film will soon be available on Netflix

Tom Cruise is putting in more effort than is reasonable for a 60-year-old performer. Cruise has managed to survive the numerous changes in Hollywood that he must have witnessed over the years.

He has been a leading man since before most of his fan base was even born. The finest movie Tom Cruise has ever done is just now arriving on Netflix,

despite the fact that he is presently at yet another career high thanks to the enormous box office earnings and critical praise of Top Gun: Maverick.

Collateral, a Michael Mann neo-noir film from 2004, starred Tom Cruise as a casually deadly assassin against Jamie Foxx as a modestly ambitious cab driver.

Even while it may not be one of Tom Cruise's most well-known films, it gets more from him than virtually any other film and,

when it premieres on Netflix on September 1st, is certain to attract in a larger audience.

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