The Response of the Rescue Dog to the New Idaho Backyard Makes Us Feel Everything

The dog had never had a yard and had been abandoned in Arizona.True to form, Maverick's journey is one of rags to riches. 

The story begins in Kingman, Arizona, where @its laurel discovered the adorable dog. The previous owner had abandoned him in the desert, but his microchip, 

which had guided rescuers to Las Vegas, had not yielded any reliable leads. It's a good thing it didn't because Maverick is now a member of Laurel's family, complete with a new home.

Maverick lived with his pawrents for the first five months while their yard was being renovated. 

Since the dog had never had a yard of his own, he didn't find it difficult to adjust to this, but Laurel looked forward to the day when things would change.

Yes, it was just as precious as we had anticipated. Maverick seemed to be overjoyed to have so much space to run about in, but wasn't it adorable when he first began to run? 

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