The most underappreciated superhero in Marvel has become the new Tony Stark

One of Marvel's most underappreciated characters, Night Thrasher, is quietly being transformed into the next Tony Stark.

Night Thrasher is most known for being the captain of the New Warriors, a group of young superheroes, but in recent years, 

he has developed into a recognised hero among his peers for his technological and scientific prowess.

Night Thrasher once again demonstrates his mettle in Defenders Beyond #1 as he casually reveals to be a go-to Stark-level intellect and to have cracked a difficult multiversal riddle.

Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz's 1989 comic book Thor #411 featured Night Thrasher for the first time. Shortly later, he reappeared as the New Warriors' commander, 

 uniting a gang of young superheroes that included Nova and Firestar. Dwayne Taylor, who as a young child watched helplessly as his parents were shot dead in front of him

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