“The Invitation” invites you to paranoia

My brother is the family genealogist. He keeps us up-to-date on little-known branches of the family tree.

And by urging our DNA testing, he’s unrooted some parts of the tree best chopped up and stacked away.

Same thing happens in “The Invitation,” a new horror movie that’s currently showing in theaters.

This Gothic tale was originally titled “The Bride,” but maybe that gave too much of the plot away. The previews certainly do.

The story begins when Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel) sends off a DNA test only to discover she has an unknown second cousin, Oliver L.

 Alexander III (Hugh Skinner), whom her friend proclaims is “the whitest white guy I’ve ever seen.”

What’s more, Oliver wants to meet her and introduce her to his side of the family, and even sends her an airline ticket to a reunion in the English countryside.

“So Jane Austin,” she demurs. But he insists.

Actually, it’s more than a reunion, it’s a wedding. But where’s the bride?

Yes, “The Invitation” is designed to scare you. It’s kinda like “Get Out” meets “Eyes Wide Shut.”

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