The Circular Argument From The Trump Legal Team That He Can Never Be Charged

Donald Trump asked a judge to block the FBI's investigation of the records the agency obtained in last month's search on Mar-a-Lago in a motion that was filled with errors on Monday

in a federal court in Florida. Trump requested that the judge choose a special master to conduct the review in its place.

Although it's uncertain whether the scheme will succeed in postponing the Department of Justice's current criminal investigation into the confidential documents Trump allegedly stole, 

the request did make it to the bench of a potential Trump loyalist.One aspect of the filing deserves special attention,

 perhaps more so in light of the recent flurry of editorials in the New York Times arguing that it would be dangerous for democracy to criminally investigate a former president

Improvements can and the current Republican Party leader, even if that leader can't seem to stop breaking the law.quickly.

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