The Barranquilla team took advantage of the first leg.

Atletico Nacional tied 1-1 against Junior, in the second leg of the quarterfinals last in the Copa Colombia 2022, and was forgotten about.

The Barranquilleros qualified after 3-0 in the main leg and will play against Unión Magdalena, which wiped out La Equidad on punishments.

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Right from the start, Nacional went on the assault, Álvaro Angulo showed up with a mid-distance shot that went near the contrary objective.

 The match dialed back because of the persistent fouls and the considerations of the clinical staff on Walmer Pacheco and Sebastián Viera.

At 23 Junior responded and with a cross from Fabián Sambueza, he barely opened the scoring.

A moment later and after a free kick taken by Viera, the ball had finished in Junior's objective, however the play was revoked for being awkward.

On minute 38, a free kick from the left area, Dorlan shot on objective and the ball went wide of Viera's objective.

At 44, Jefferson Duque, after a pass from the right area, sent the ball extremely near the opponent objective.

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