"That's enemy of the state number one" - Andrew Tate, Patrick Bet-David discuss Elon Musk

On Sep 13, 2022, controversial internet personality Andrew Tate III, popularly known as Andrew Tate, was featured on the PBD Podcast, hosted by Iranian-born American entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David.

Elon Musk was bought up during the conversation, and Bet-David recalled something that Errol Musk (the former's father) once said about a man's most important role:

"The most important role a man has is to populate."
After discussing the number of Elon Musk's children, Bet-David said:

Patrick Bet-David then referred to Elon Musk as the "enemy of the state" after citing his $44 billion Twitter buyout. He stated:

When Patrick Bet-David asked Andrew Tate about his thoughts on Elon Musk, the former professional kickboxer stated that he "loved" the Tesla CEO. He said:

Tate listed some noteworthy accomplishments and explained what he respected the most about "men as a whole":
He continued to express his admiration for Musk, saying:

Patrick Bet-David then asked Andrew Tate about someone else who would share the pedestal next to Elon Musk.

Tate stated that he idolized "fighters" and believed Floyd Mayweather was the "best boxer in history."

Bet-David was surprised to hear the statement and asked whether Mayweather was ranked higher than Muhammad Ali. Tate replied: