Sunday's Major Crash Is Reacted To By NASCAR World

Chase Elliott enjoys a 15-point advantage to begin the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs in 2022 after defeating Joey Logano to win the regular season championship.

However, a significant collision at today's Round of 16 race might turn the entire title race on its head.

Elliott's car collided with a wall just before Stage 1 of the Cook Out Southern 500 at Darlington came to a finish, and it then started to spin.

Chase Briscoe unfortunately collided with Elliott's vehicle and severely damaged his No. 9 car as Elliott swerved directly into his path.

In order to rejoin the race, Elliott had to swiftly park his car in pit row. Thanks to recently adopted NASCAR regulations, the damaged car clock started to wind down 

However, important parts had to be removed from Elliott's car, and the time ran out, ending his day at Darlington.

Reactions From NASCAR World To The Important Bubba Wallace Decision

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