Rory McIlroy tosses a fan's remote-controlled ball into the sea.

Texas A&M is being dragged through the mud even more due to a leaked video during Midnight Yell practise. As if the defeat to Appalachian State wasn't terrible enough already,

this video is making things much worse for the Aggies.
The video footage has since been removed from Twitter but can still be seen here.

In it, a Yell Leader is heard mocking Appalachian State University by referring to it as a "hillbilly school" and claiming that some of the Mountaineer players "couldn't read."

On social media, people have drawn attention to a number of additional dumb and stereotyped statements that can be seen in the footage.

In addition, many are making the most of the occasion to poke fun at the A&M Yell Leader for the backfire that his comments have caused.

Despite this, the Aggies don't have a lot of time to ruminate on their past mistakes. On Saturday night, they will host the Miami Hurricanes, who are now ranked 13th in the nation.

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In golf's lengthy history, invaders have ranged from human streakers to deer and alligators to a remote-controlled ball.