Someone Answered Phone On Air During ESPN's Broadcast Of College Football Game

As a result, a phone conversation was on air for a few seconds.   

A video of this brief moment surfaced on Twitter. It was awkward to say the least. 

The broadcast team of Courtney Lyle and Dave Steckel tried their best to ignore this unfortunate incident. 

However, the phone conversation was obviously overshadowing what was taking place on the field. 

College football fans are unimpressed by the SEC Network's presentation of this game between Abilene Christian and Missouri.   

"This is seriously like a high school AV club production," one fan responded. 

"It's the worst broadcast I think I've ever experienced," another person tweeteD

As for the actual game, Missouri has a 17-3 lead over Abilene Christian heading into halftime. 

Hopefully, the second half doesn't feature someone answering their phone while on air. 

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