Snake bites 2-year-old girl, who bites it back until it dies

A 2-year-old girl apparently killed a snake that bit her on the lip.

The child bit the snake after the reptile bit her, with the animal later dying, according to reports.

Newsweek reported that the attack occurred in the child's backyard in Bingol, Turkey, on Aug. 10.

The media outlet noted that neighbors heard the child screaming and ran to the scene.

When they arrived, they reportedly found the child with bite wounds on her mouth -- and a 20-inch snake dangling from her teeth.

Neighbors called paramedics and performed first aid, as well as made sure the snake was dead, according to reports.

Newsweek noted that the child was treated at Bingol Maternity and Children's Hospital.

"After 24 hours under observation, she was recovering well," Newsweek reported.

The Mirror noted that the child "has only been identified by her initials as S.E." and shared a few photos of her.