SEC Football Player Reportedly Suspended After Disturbing News

Some disturbing news out of the SEC, as Tennessee Volunteers linebacker William Rohan was reportedly arrested following a domestic violence dispute over the weekend.

According to a police report Mohan reportedly began to initiate sex with the victim, and when she said no, he reportedly began calling her derogatory terms.

Mohan became angry and used one hand to grab her face and the other to choke the victim, the report stated.

The victim told police that Mohan reportedly choked the victim by grabbing her and pulling her towards him.

The victim told police she screamed, escaped Mohan’s grasp and grabbed an iron from her desk, asking Mohan to leave.

The report stated that he refused, and the victim went into the kitchen to grab a kitchen knife.

When the victim returned to the bedroom with a knife in hand, she told Mohan to leave again.

The report stated that Mohan walked up to her and used one hand to grab her throat and the other to take the knife away.

At this point, one of the victim’s roommates entered the bedroom and also told Mohan to leave, according to the report.

The victim told police that Mohan did leave but shortly afterward started calling her and knocking on her door again.

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