Sandstorm covers Burning Man festival revellers

In anticipation of Labor Day, around 80,000 people flocked to the Nevada event to partake in the celebration of art and creativity.

The festival is famous for its unusual customs, such as the widespread usage of bartering instead of money and the virtual elimination of cellphone use owing to poor reception.

However, a sudden and strong sandstorm almost ruined the festival's centrepiece, the torching of a massive Burning Man effigy.

Winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour whipped up a cloud of dust that rapidly obscured the festival grounds and roadways.

Reno-based meteorologist Amanda Young of the National Weather Service had previously warned that a 'dense' layer of dust may be as much as a few hundred feet deep.

In the evening, the official Burning Man Project Twitter account said that due to "whiteout conditions," the event was closed to newcomers.

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